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Case Study

Startupbootcamp Accelerator Program

The accelerator is anchored by leading corporate sponsors such as Old Mutual, RCS, BNP Paribas, Nedbank and PwC – that will support and grow the program, as well as its selected startups. The program also has international sponsors on board, such as Amazon Web Services, and is part of the global Startupbootcamp network.


Compay Name: Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp AfriTech is a leading tech accelerator focused on high-growth startups in emerging technologies.

Getting into the program 

To be selected for the AfriTech program, startups need to go through a rigorous selection process. 

This process firstly entails ‘FastTrack’ events, in which representatives from the Startupbootcamp program visit leading tech hubs across Africa, including Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Morocco, Nigeria and Botswana over several months. 

During these Fast Track events, selected startups from across Africa pitch to a panel of industry experts, and are able to network with our investment team and find out more about the program.

Teams that attend a FastTrack are 20% more likely to be invited to the final selection days, and 70% of the companies that get selected into the program were originally scouted for a FastTrack.

“Spike Growth Agency is a great partner to assist with automating your sales processes. The leads we generated were very targeted and high quality. On the back of this successful 3-month test, we are now expanding to reach out to Corporate prospects and the initial results are equally impressive. I highly recommend Spike and their innovative approach.”
Philip Kiracofe

CEO, Startupbootcamp

The challenge

When it comes to FastTrack days, SBC’s goal is to fill up the FastTracks in each of these cities before they fly over to that city, ensuring that the leading startups in the applicable cities have applied to attend and pitch at the FastTrack events. 

Before working with our agency, Spike, Startupbootcamp mostly manually reached out and followed up with relevant startups across the African tech hubs. 

Through our lead generation services, Startupbootcamp was able to execute hyper-targeted searches through LinkedIn, combining ‘Social Selling’ with technical automation in order to ensure a large volume of high-quality FastTrack applicants and attendees, who could then later be ‘nurtured’ down the funnel.

Startupbootcamp went from reaching out to 35-50 startups per day to over 210, spread over multiple accounts – whilst saving enormous amounts of time finding startups and manually reaching out.

How our service works


After Startupbootcamp signed up to our service, we first learned the criteria of their ideal prospects. We filtered on locations, universities, job titles, companies, industries, specific organizations such as hospitals or law firms, owns own business, similar background, alma mater. But also things like experience, company age and mutual connections or interest.

Once we had the correct targeting criteria, we wrote the invitation messages and their second messages for them.We started off by crafting SBC’s first outreach message in close collaboration with their team. 

Then, we sent out 1200 invitations on their behalf every single month using our proprietary combination of software, and our team LinkedIn lead generation specialists.

This means that these invitations came from Philip’s profile, Startupbootcamp Afritech’s CEO.

For Startupbootcamp’s FastTrack outreach, it meant that we searched for relevant leads in the country they were going to visit, two weeks prior to their trip. 

In two weeks time, we invited over 720 relevant prospects, of which 390 accepted who all received a follow-up message. Of these 282 eventually clicked through to the subscription form. That’s a 53,8% acceptance rate and a 39% Click-through rate! 

The Results

These are the results of our campaign after 3 months of social selling spread out over 3 accounts.